Iā€™m Luca, a 22 year old travel photographer and writer from Italy. My main goal is to represent the destinations I travel to in the best and most loyal way I can through my content.
Whenever I'm travelling, my mind shifts to a certain place that enhances my appreciation of small, simple moments and feelings.
In my experience, that's the best mentality to adopt in order to get the most out of these experiences.
However, I enjoy the opposite just as much; pure adventure and constant novelty.
My work is the result of trying to find a balance between the two

Wanderlust was always second-nature for me. During all of my adoloscence, my favorite past-time was daydreaming about the world out there, so unknown and intriguing. As the years passed, I lived this desire vicariously through others, consuming every piece of content related to travel I could get my hands and eyes on.

I always thought that someday I would’ve wanted to take action and become part of the inspirators for those in my situation, but life, especially at that age, changes quickly. Plus, I always had this blind faith in myself that told me that one day the time would have come.

It’s a good mentality, but it can be dangerous if you just rely on it instead of putting in work.

And that’s where I fell into the trap of hoping that everything will pan out the way I envisioned it, eventually.

The last few years of school killed my creativity, and the rough environment made me resort to the prospect of another life, far from that I had dreamt of. I wasn’t living up to the potential I believed to have.

At the start of 2020, everything changed. I had just won a bet that earned me about a thousand euros, which was so much that I almost had no idea how to spend it. 

However, that time I made the right decision. My friends always told me that the photos I used to take with my phone looked great, and I believed them, even though the only difference between mines and theirs was just that I had discovered the edit button, enabling me bump up the saturation and to play with the shadows.

Having no other desire, I decided to look into it, and I bought my first camera.

At the time I used to gain interest in many things, eventually abandoning them after a few weeks, so I gave myself some time to experiment with it, but the pandemic had other plans.

While remotely finishing my last year of school, I started to pay more attention to my new hobby than to class, and since the direction I was headed in wasn’t really inspiring me, I decided to make a quick google search regarding the possibility of merging travel with my newly found photography, and sure enough I discovered the existence of something called “Travel Photography”.

From the moment I read those words, my life has been devoted to chasing the dream.

I started studying everything, from the basics of the camera and the editing, to the history and the method in making it a business. It wasn’t until September of 2020 that I went on my first trip as a photographer. London,  six days, just me and my camera.

That first trip taught me that I had no idea what to do, but that I was headed in the right direction. I was back on track.

After that, I went on a few trips around Italy for a good part of the following year, as the world was going through a lot.

For many reasons I had yet to go on longer, deeper trips, which is what I was so attracted to back in my adolescence.

When the opportunity came I took it, and I flew to Georgia (the country) for more than a month.

That trip changed my life, as I discovered what I really crave for when I travel, what I want to depict, and what stories I want to tell.

In 2022 I went on my biggest adventure to date, spending two months in the Sahara Desert of Mauritania, discovering a land that was completely different from anything that I had previously covered.

In 2023 I strive to create my best content to date on all fronts, and with many adventures already lined up, I can’t wait to get started.

I hope you will join me.