Georgian Winemaking

September in Georgia is time for Rtveli, the grape harvest. This sacred tradition is of utmost importance for the Georgian people, who have been producing wine for over 8000 years. 

I was fortunate enough to spend a day with a fantastic group of harvesters who, under the scorching sun of the long September days, welcomed me like a family member. We filled the truck with grapes between translated conversations and glasses of chacha, a liquor distilled from winemaking’s leftovers.

As soon as we established a rapport, I was invited to their village that same evening to have a party – an offer I couldn’t refuse. We spent the day in the village buying all the necessary ingredients, making mtsvadi – meat skewers – and dancing to Italian songs.

Eventually, the party started and we drank and ate like kings, forming a bond that is second to none.
Georgian hospitality is special.